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Salon de la Lingerie Summer 2019: SS20 Lingerie Overview | Salon de la Lingerie 2019: Revue des collections printemps-été 2020

Whilst conducting interviews for my dissertation, I was invited to attend a panel on inclusivity at the Salon de la Lingerie by Kimmay Caldwell. As I am writing these lines, the panel will take place tomorrow but I went to the trade show yesterday to attend some conferences and meet some brands.  It is not my first time attending Salon de la Lingerie, I walked their body positive show last year and also went when I was invited by Paloma Casile 5 years ago. It's the first time I can attend with an education ticket, which was really convenient on top of being very affordable.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kimmay's bra fitting class, although I personally did not learn anything new from it, I really liked her tone and I can see it being really helpful for new (or even older) boutique owners.  I was also happy to see the body positive #IFeelUnique show being reconducted, an evidence of Eurovet's commitment to inclusivity. This time, it even included older women, who were very well re…

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